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Statscan telecom data paints a false picture of Canadian prices

New year, new solutions – it’s time to break up the big telcos

Saving internet competition in Canada: a prescription for the CRTC

Let’s welcome our new 382 area code

TekSavvy celebrates 25 years of not being a reseller

The telecom game is rigged against positive outcomes for consumers

New-look CRTC sets out to fix the internet market it broke

Carnage in Canadian telecom: more competitors eliminated

The Rogers-Shaw merger stinks to high heaven

The Telecom Nightmare Before Christmas

Who is the CRTC chair meeting with? No one knows

CRTC chair Ian Scott not cleared of wrongdoing

Government’s telecom policy direction is empty without concrete goals

The federal government’s little secret: internet prices are soaring

Coming soon to the Canadian internet: even more website blocking?

Feds endorse high internet prices and CRTC misconduct, but we don’t

Last chance to save Canada from the Big Telecom hogs!

New CRTC records further confirm chair’s conduct broke rules

Cabinet to decide fate of internet prices and competition this month

CRTC breaks information disclosure laws over lobbyist meetings

Our customers write: Fighting the good fight

It's time to break up Big Telecom

How internet service could change in Canada: an explainer

What is the CRTC hiding about Chair Ian Scott?

'The CRTC is broken'

Three telcos in a trenchcoat: industry policy sway needs attention

Surveillance, handouts, prices: Feds can fix telecom failures in 2022

The CRTC is stifling competition behind a veil of secrecy

Introducing the TekSavvy comic book: fighting for a better future

Open letter to cabinet: help Canadians by lowering internet rates

This election, hold leaders to account on affordability

A fact check on telecom service price promises

TekSavvy forced to raise prices as CRTC pads Big Telecom profits

Canada’s ‘low-cost’ wireless plans are another CRTC failure

Look at this picture, then look at your internet and mobile bills

CRTC outrage: Speak out over skyrocketing prices and Big Telecom bias

The Liberal government must fire CRTC chair Ian Scott

Canada is playing whack-a-mole with telecom prices

Rising concern over moves to regulate online speech and content

Rogers-Shaw merger: 3 steps to protect consumers and boost competition

Quality networks and fair prices are not mutually exclusive

The GoldTV case: 'Why is TekSavvy defending piracy?'

Affordable internet: Canada needs federal action now

Don’t be fooled: Big Telecom is winning it all

Lessons in 'virulent hypocrisy' from Rogers

Big Telecom lobbies Ottawa twice a day

Feds should be ashamed of Toronto’s broadband plan

Bell blasted for taking $122M labour subsidy while boosting dividends

What President Biden means for telecom in Canada

Without fines, Big Telecom will keep lying to customers

A new hope: 2021 could finally tame Canadian telecom bills

A call to action: 2021 is the time for more affordable internet

Sugar and bread: why your internet costs so much

Snakes in the Grass: Don’t Buy Internet from Fido or Virgin

Hogs at the table: why it's so hard to grow an ISP in Canada

Hello world!

Smartrg SR808ac Hardware Issue

Westward we go!

Why does my wifi suck?

Hackers come in all shapes and sizes

Beware Phishing Emails Posing as TekSavvy

Safer Internet Day

TekSavvy is proud to sponsor Ottawa Dev Day 2015

Let's Stop Cyber Bullying

Phishing Season

The Best Ways to Spend Your Family Day This February

The phishing's fine at the Justice Department

Avoid phishing attempts

TekTruths: Smartphone Photography

Commerce électronique : un net avantage pour augmenter vos ventes

What Internet rules do Canadian parents enforce?

How much time are your kids spending on the Internet?

Internet coming to rural Canada?

Always be careful of Internet scams on social media

Médias sociaux : comment gérer les commentaires?

How many Canadians really use the Internet?

Vol d'identité et le Web: pensez prévention et sécurité!

Wizards head to Hogwarts online

Are Canadians crowdfunding?

Authorities are cracking down on BlackShades malware

Businesses and consumers prepare for the Internet of Things

What should you tell kids about social media?

The constantly changing face of Canadian e-commerce

Did a Canadian court just restrict free speech?

Canadians receive increased privacy protection

Stop cyberbullying from home

Mobile phones and check cashing. Easy and safe?

What's your password?

Vol d'identité sur le Web : ce que les fraudeurs recherchent

Jet setting Canadians can remain connected at all times now

More and more Canadians stream music

Upload speeds, or lack thereof, have Canadians down in the dumps

Is the Whole World Going Ga-Ga over Google Glass?

How can the Internet make fundraising fun?

Canada and the United States differ on net neutrality

What Big Data Reveals About Online Dating

Back to school shopping done online

Online Dating, Human Behavior, and the Psychology of it All

Bridging the Internet Plan Information Gap

Canadian parents take to the Internet to find baby's name

Why does speed matter? Netflix knows

Taking a Walk to the Darknet Side of the Moon

Three ways to ease the cord-cutting transition

Netiquette for the 21st Century:  Is it an Enigma?

The Internet, Intelligence, and Canadian Culture

Stay One Step Ahead of your Data Plan

Where can your student find help online?

A HeartBleed Update - TekSavvy and OpenSSL

Canada Internet falls a bit in speed

Conseils pour optimiser votre Internet sans fil

April Fools' Day strikes in Canada

More Canadians shopping online than ever

Canadian video watchers may soon find relief: A cat video festival

The Internet: A Platform for Lynching or for Fighting Social Injustice?

How can you watch big sporting events online?

Getting Lucky Online This St. Patrick’s Day

Will the Internet trump newspapers?

Whole Home Streaming

Monthly spending on communication bills creeping upward

Changing the World with the Internet

Conflicting views on the use of the Internet at school

Habit tracking: Another reason to pick an indie ISP

Conference highlights need for computer safety

New Safeguards for Canadians

The fight between indie, major ISPs

Are you paying too much for your Internet?

PC sales slipping in Canada, what are other options?

Are Canadians still using Facebook?

How to put an end to Internet bullying in your home

The latest scams to be on the lookout for

What are the most common questions that crop up when installing a router?

Netflix CEO claims legal Internet TV watching is on the rise

Broadband caps come under fire again

Kids getting schooled on the benefits of cord cutting

Finding love in a connected place

Les sondages en ligne ; la nouvelle méthode pour tâter le pouls des consommateurs

People aren't cutting cords? Here's why you should

New cyberbullying bill introduced

Using the Internet to become a big winner

Police need warrant to search computers

Big changes coming to Canada Post

How to watch movies online

Netflix plans on evolving soon

What does an unconnected house look like?

The history of the Internet in Canada: Part 2

La sécurité informatique de votre entreprise: 10 conseils essentiels

The history of the Internet in Canada: Part 1

Canadians embracing the stream more

The fight for the tablet market continues

Anti-spam law will bring big changes in 2014

Canadians plan on going online for Christmas shopping

Where should you be shopping online?

What do Canadians need to know about the latest Adobe breach?

Why Bell's spygate is such a big deal

What Does Your Internet Speed Mean For You?

What kids' gifts should you be considering this season?

Will you see a tablet under your tree?

Pricing heavily affects Internet use

Canadian shoppers look to buy the best of the best online

Be careful when shopping online this season

Give Internet shoppers what they want

Who are the best Canadians to follow on Twitter?

Landline polling might be going out of style

Canadians heading online to self-diagnose?

Which IT skills should you brush up on?

Hazards of cellphones on your health

Google becoming a bigger player in Canadian Internet browsing

Top 3 tips to protect yourself on the Internet

What tablets have been hot so far this year?

Bring your own device policies come to Canadian schools

Best websites for Canadian job hunters

Why is cybercrime such a big deal in Canada?

More music options come to connected Canadians

Popular stores launching shopping websites

Fall is a big time for video games

Jason's Story

New group pushing for lower Internet prices

What does cable unbundle mean for Canadians?

Canadians gearing up for a spooky Halloween

More Canadian children going online

The Internet's getting more influential and faster

Parental locks: Keeping your kids safe online

Why you shouldn't get rid of the landline

The implications of changing speeds

Northern Canadians might need better Internet options

Top 3 conversations you should have on a landline

Will Canadian e-commerce get a boost soon?

Cord cutting is on the rise yet again

Outfit your college student with a landline

What antivirus programs should you consider?

Cellphones becoming less hospitable?

Report: Canada trumps the US in Internet technology

Amazon outage prompts action in Canada

Internet shopping not expanding as fast as predicted

Canadian moms use the Internet during pregnancy

Complaints about cellphones abound

The Emmys roundup

TIFF awards handed out for best new films

Doing What it Takes… for our customers

Canadian companies making the wrong decisions using cells

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