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April Fools' Day strikes in Canada

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During many times of the year, a number of individuals like to remain relatively serious, going about their lives and taking care of tasks and their jobs as normal. However, one day out of the year, people across the nation can get a little wacky and play pranks on their friends, family and coworkers without fear of hurting their feelings or even, in some cases, being punished.

April Fools' Day is a favourite holiday of many people who are young and those who are simply young at heart. Good-natured pranks are the name of the game when April 1 rolls around every year, and can range from something as simple as setting someone's alarms early to going on social media websites to make ridiculous claims.

Because we live in such a digital era, many individuals across Canada took to the Internet this year to try to fool their friends and family. So what were some of the best pranks seen throughout the country?

Calgary mayor purchases the Calgary Sun
According to CTV, though many individuals saw right through the gag, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi penned an editorial that ran in the Calgary Sun on April 1 claiming that he'd decided to purchase the newspaper. The Sun's official Twitter account tweeted that morning that Nenshi's big announcement would run in the volume that day.

"With a little help from some well-heeled cycling enthusiasts and public art supporters, I have been able to purchase the Calgary Sun from its owner, who is running for office in Quebec and is hasty to shed his connections with the rest of Canada," the text read, according to the news source.

Roots brand image switch
The news source also reported that clothing company Roots took to its Facebook page to tell customers that it's brand image was changing from a beaver to a loon. CTV explained that Vice President of Marketing James Connell said in the post that people don't identify with beavers in today's culture anymore, and that the loon is much more timely, mostly because of its wingspan.

The Huffington Post Canada has new leaders
Perhaps one of the most intense pranks was the revamp of the entire Huffington Post Canada main Web page. Canada.com reported that the site appeared to be taken over by cats. The various images that appeared on the landing page, including the main "above the fold" picture, as well as the smaller ones that accompanied various news stories - mostly about felines - seemed to signal that the corporation and maybe even the Internet was being overrun with these pets.

Nickelback frontman to run for office
The Edmonton Journal's website decked itself out with images of a different kind. Visitors to the website were met with a large picture of Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger and his wife Avril Lavigne, as Kroeger wanted to take to the news outlet to announce his entrance into the race to be the leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives. Canada.com reported that the fake news story also pointed out that if he was named the successor of Alison Redford, he'd automatically be premier.

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