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[fa icon="calendar"] May 2, 2012 7:43:28 PM / by tsiblogs

Hey Gang,

As some of you might have noticed lately, DSLReports.com has hit a rough spot.  For those who don’t know about DSLReports, it’s a forum where TekSavvy has participated for years now. Generally we post the latest info and have in-depth conversations regarding TekSavvy and industry topics. It keeps us in tune with what’s going on but more importantly it helps us help you! In our efforts to focus on our customers we’ve used dslreports.com on a daily basis for support.  As a result of their outage we have suddenly lost a critical venue to stay connected with you.

DSLReports and TekSavvy have no formal relationship other than we’ve shared the same cause for all this time.  We continue to value the platform and the loyal followers it’s provided us and will surely continue to do so for a long time to come.  These recent events however have caused us to reassess just how important the forums are to us on a day to day basis.   As a result, we are launching our own forum.

Specifically, we are launching our own “Direct” forum. For those familiar with DSLr, you will know that they have what is called a Direct forum where customers can share information that only the initiator of the thread and our staff can see. For now, we are still working out the kinks and the private functionality is not yet available but we figured that getting it online for now, in BETA form, would get us moving in the right direction.

When DSLReports comes back online, we’ll be there as always!

To get to the new TekSavvy Beta support forum, go to forums.teksavvy.com . You can sign up with a new username and password there.  Looking forward to supporting you online.

Marc - CEO/TekSavvy

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Written by tsiblogs

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